Brackets & Seedings for WPL Saturday Division Final Rounds

WPL SAT Division Final Rounds will be played on SAT 11/23 (Opening Round) and after the Thanksgiving Break on SAT 12/7 (Final Round).  Top-4 bracketed teams (Ranked #1-#4 after 7 regular season games according to and determined by Points/Head-to-Head/Goals Against/GD – and in that order) play against each other with #1 playing #4 and #2 playing #3.  Bottom-4 bracketed teams play similarly with #5 vs. #8 and #6 vs. #7.  Winning teams play the next round vs. the other winning team from the same bracket on 12/7 in the Final Round.   The Saturday Division winner is determined from the total Points/Head-to-Head/Goals Against/GD over the course of the season and final rounds from the top bracket only.  In these final rounds, in the event of a tie match after regulation play, each team is awarded a point apeice, which is added to the total Points/Head-toHead/Goals Against/GD season statistics to determine who advances as the ’winner’ in these games.

These first round games will be played this Saturday 11/23 at St. Johns (DC) starting at 9:30AM and running through the day.  There is 1 game outstanding, so final rankings (and final schedule) will not be fully determined/posted until FRIDAY 11/22 @ 8AM for play the next day.  

Please standby, and please tell your players to be ready for games on Saturday 11/23 at St. Johns.  

Given this situation, scheduling requests will be difficult to meet, but still feel free to express your preferences as you see fit to see if they may be accommodated somewhat.

Good luck and keep it safe, fun, and fair!



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